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Movie Screenplays by Robert Roe                            Page 5

The Green Eyed Marble is hilarious, Off The Deep End is a romantic comedy with a message,  and The File

is a feel good family drama. 

The Green Eyed Marble



THE GREEN EYED MARBLE (comedy) “A young masked man finds courage to conquer his extreme shyness and save his bug-phobic best friend from being tortured by a desperate sorceress after her lost crystal ball.”

      VALUE NOTE: lots of funny characters with great tee-shirt lines.


Off The Deep End



OFF THE DEEP END (Romantic Comedy) “As his business faces a take over, and feeling a little crazy, he finds his heart has been taken over as well by an artist at the beach who doesn’t want him.” (wga 1527874)


The File



THE FILE (action/drama) “Not wishing to face his daughter with the truth, a dying millionaire seeks a delicate way to reunite her with her birth parents while dodging the murderous greed of his nephew.” (wga 892505)

               Note: a 2003 Monterey Film Festival 1st round finalist.

              VALUE LOG Family love- an Alfred Hitchcock drama with a feel good ending.


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