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The Eccentric Love Affair Romantic Comedy

 The Eccentric Love Affair is a satire/romantic comedy which features a very eccentric grandmother who  is determined to force her grandson to find true love.

The Eccentric Love Affair

THE ECCENTRIC LOVE AFFAIR (Satire/ romantic comedy) “To gain his billion dollar inheritance, a dull money lover who’s afraid of commitment, must fall in love and prove it to his ultra eccentric grandmother by taking a lie detector test.”

The Unknown Factor Thriller


THE UNKNOWN FACTOR (drama) “A young German scientist goes against his family and Hitler when he commits espionage to bring atomic bomb secrets to Albert Einstein in America.” (wga 1208527)

       VALUE LOG: This is a blend of fact and fiction that illustrates the truth about the splitting of the atom.


Television Series Being Planned:



Based on Bob's movie "Weird Valley Road" this thirty minute Twilight Zone type series will entertain with a silent message..."Don't mess with forces you

don't understand." 

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