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 Movie Screenplays By Robert Roe                           Page 3

The Dolphins Dance introduces a new action hero,  Ghost Bandits shows the power of God in the old west,  and

The Last Train to Paris is an important movie that must be made. ( My Opinion)

The Dolphins Dance



THE DOLPHIN’S DANCE (fantasy) “Changed into a super hero by a murder attempt a young man seeks to protect his family though he is completely unrecognizable to them.”


Ghost Bandits



GHOST BANDITS (western) “A Texas Ranger, a mysterious Indian angel, and an orphaned girl team up to bring down a ruthless gang as told by an old college professor.”  (wga 913384)

SPECIAL NOTE: A 2003 Nicholl Fellowship 1st round finalist- (1 of 320 left from 6,048 entries)

               Note: a 2003 1st round finalist- (1 of 93 our of 1,000 entries) 

       VALUE LOG: This is a twist on Little Big Man.


The Last Train To Paris



THE LAST TRAIN TO PARIS (drama) “Rick and Ilsa are forced to meet at the end of the war as a German Officer seeks revenge for the murder of his brother.” (wga-1024316)


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