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A retired intelligence officer due to inherit a great deal of money goes on a personal war after someone tries to kill him and his daughter


    When former army Captain RICHARD DAVY left his auto repair shop to see a movie with his ten year old daughter, MARY, he had no idea he was the chief recipient of a major trust from a reclusive rich uncle and that two men were waiting to run his car off the road to kill him while trying to make it look like an accident.

     Instead of him being killed his daughter was badly hurt in the roll over crash and ends up in the hospital with amnesia and needing multiple surgeries.  After discovering that his uncle had died he attends an unusual funeral where he is introduced to his trustee LISA JONES and her lawyer IVON THOMPSON who are plotting to kill at least four of the eight beneficiaries of the near one billion dollar trust.

    Then the big surprise out of the blue from the CIA: They tell him they believe his dead wife surgeon LIEUTENANT JENNY DAVY may not be dead. They even suspect she is aiding the enemy for the past three years by patching up ISIS soldiers and having an affair with one of their leaders. They won’t go after her until they know she is for sure alive and loyal.

    Richard now needs big money to put together a team in Iraq to go into ISIS territory. He goes to his trustee but she and her lawyer tell him there will be no disbursements for a year. At the time he didn’t realize they were also trying to kill him for his share but it doesn’t take long to see it after three of the beneficiaries are killed off.  Being a former combat intelligence soldier he goes to war, kills two of their hit men, exposes Lisa to the law, and then is appointed as the new trustee of the trust as he was listed as second to have that position.

     Now he heads to Iraq where he finds the CIA has cleared his wife and has a Seal Team ready to go get her. He joins in on the rescue and is greatly rewarded when they bring her home to his injured daughter who upon seeing her mother wakes from her amnesia. 

     This is an action movie with a lot of heart and  a feel good ending.

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