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How To Write A Screenplay With Movie Quick Chart

My Quick Chart is a composite of all the best things I learned about Screenwriting over the years. I sought a way to clarify and simplify these points​ so anyone seeking to write their first script might get a good start.  While in my own words, these teachings find their roots in a multitude of classes, teachers, books and conventions I have attended. I totally believe that every point mentioned in this Movie Quick Chart would find support from the prominent Screenwriting Teachers in Hollywood while at the same time it is only a beginning as real writers are always learning more about the craft. Please enjoy it. Robert T. Roe.

To add to the learning curve necessary to write a great movie script I am adding to this page my PERSONAL NOTES from Screenwriting Magazines, books, classes and Screenwriting Conventions that I have benefited from in my writing. Please refer to these sources to get the complete points made and TAKE THE CLASSES MENTIONED IF YOU ARE SERIOUS. THANKS.

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