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A bigger than life Founding Father takes us on a journey of his involvements  in the Revolution and his work on the Constitution and the writing of the Preamble 

Gouverneur Morris


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 Logline: "A bigger than life founding Father tells a portion of his accomplishments in helping America win the Revolution and write the constitution along with a taste of his love affairs which illustrate his love of life. "

               Among the famous and important Founding Fathers of the United States is GOURERNEUR MORRIS. His contributions for a new federal government are legendary. His love affairs made him look like the James Bond of his time- that women loved hm no matter what it seems. He was tall, handsome, witty, well-educated, had a lust for life and a lust for forming  a new government for the United States. His passion was so alive that he intimidated normal men- many of whom failed historically to give proper credit to him for his accomplishments. It is simply impossible to put everything he did in a movie- only a series could do such a thing. THE OUTSPOKEN GENIUS movie script picks some of the more dramatic things he accomplished but rather than worry too much about specific historical accuracy focuses on this beaming charm as a CHARACTER- too great to not be remembered and loved. The purpose of the writer is to make people fall in love with Gouverneur Morris as an unforgettable personality. Among some of the many historical things mentioned are his writing of the Preamble of the United States constitution, along with polishing the entire constitution after the assembly adopted it, and his famous speech against slavery that he gave in the constitutional Congress to prevent them from adopting slavery into the constitution itself- in that five slaves would count as three white men in counting representation of the southern states. He should be praised for that alone. Sturcture-wise there is an inciting incident, two major character arks that were real in his life, and a real beginning, middle and end to his desire to write the constitution which is the focus of this story. 

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