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  Movie Screenplays by Bob Roe    Page 2. 

The Eyes is a single location thriller,  The Perfect Gift is a feel-good family drama, and Dusty and The

Booka Monster is a family drama script with heart.

The Eyes       sold


(Thriller Logline)    title change: THE SECRET KILLERS

"Six strangers are kidnapped by a vigilante group who plan to execute them for their secret murders after they pick on of them to survive."

The Perfect Gift



THE PERFECT GIFT (Drama) “A rape victim who works as a janitor at a college pretends to be a student to rebuild her life. “


Dusty and The Booka Monster



DUSTY AND THE BOOKA MONSTER (comedy) “ The town drunk seemingly gets cured by a special beer but complications begin when his past begins to haunt him and his ex wife’s boyfriend gets jealous of his new progress.” (wga 1310832)

VALUE NOTE: Placed in the top 10% in the Nicholl Fellowship Contest..


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