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Movie Screenplays By Robert Roe                       Page 6

To Be Or Not To Be Susan is designed for a young star to play two parts,  The Park is about aliens who are running from dangerous humans,   and The Reunion Crashers  is female driven fun. 

To Be Or Not To Be Susan



TO BE OR NOT TO BE SUSAN (Romantic comedy) “A super star loses her boyfriend to a sweet down to earth double who runs a Texas café.” (wga1320508)

Note: A young female star plays two roles.



The Park



The Park (action/drama) “Trapped on earth in a reality game, aliens must design, finance and construct their own spaceship to escape before the government finds them out.”

 (wga 1160009)


The Reunion Crashers



THE REUNION CRASHERS (comedy)   “To sharpen their acting skills two females crash high school reunions only to become changed in ways they could not have imagined.”


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