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The Park Thriller Sci-fi Movie Script

THE PARK                                   by Robert T. Roe           

Logline: Aliens in a reality game must build their own ship and escape humanity.

     To the world it was to be a “theme park” devoted to the sciences, built on the northern California coastline, and filled with wondrous things only imagined by man.   When the board of Directors of “Beyon Industries” decided to launch this coveted project, they had only a mathematical probability equation telling them about possible complications.  All was suppose to go well.  Beyon President, MANNY LONG, was optimistic as well as his lovely wife FAYE and daughter DOROTHY.  The one hundred investors were exuberant when they heard the news that it was time.  In fact, the thousands of mysterious items they had meticulously designed were standing by in factories across the United States ready to be trucked  to the park.  On top of that, many of the major buildings on the site were completed yet stood empty of the incredible things that would fill them.  The brawny foreman at the site, CHARLIE, a John Wayne look-alike, was also standing by with a crew of hundreds of men.  All looked good.  It was time.
     Then ALEX COPELAND stepped into the equation.  Alex’s company always ran second to Beyon Industries in the energy production trade.  He was determined to be on top- so much so he sent ERIC, his chief henchman, to spy on Manny’s group.  Alex was sure that things in Manny’s “park” would prove detrimental to the oil industry- as Manny was known to always talk up alternative energy sources. Alex was not going to let Manny win again.  Yet, his own spies had learned nothing of this Park, and on the day it was announced to the world Alex learned only as much as everyone else had.  Alex’s father, still owner of the company, called and put extreme pressure on Alex to do something, anything to protect their interests.  Alex decided to do whatever it would take to find out what Manny was up to and either wreck or steal it. Since his spying had failed him, he went to a friend and fellow oilman, JOHNNY HOOPER, who just happened to be near the end of his first term as President of the United States.  Alex twisted Johnny’s arm to start an investigation- even lying to him that there was a rumor that some of the “secret items” made for the park were actually new forms of military weaponry.  “Just look into it”, he reasoned, “and if there is nothing to it, no harm done, but if there is, you’d be the hero going into re-election. “  The President thought there would be nothing to lose, as he knew Manny to be an honorable man and a quality citizen. Yet, soon after the investigation began it was discovered that Manny, his wife and daughter, and his board of directors all had falsified backgrounds. All of them sunk under hard scrutiny. It appeared that anything about them before nineteen sixty-eight was a lie.  Who were they? Where were they really from? Questions that now pressed the FBI.
     Alex moved ahead- still trying to figure out what was going to be in that Park. The President called in Homeland Security who joined with the FBI in the ongoing investigation. More was found.   Manny, along with his board of directors, had all put their homes up for sale. Even the one hundred investors were giving cars away, money away, everything away.  It spooked the FBI when they realized that all of these people were taking up residency in a secret place near the park they called “The Retreat.” AGENT SMITH brought the Pentagon into the equation as upon closer investigation of the manufactured items it was determined that certain parts when fitted together appear to form a powerful laser.  By that time a fifteen story metal pyramid at the Park had been surrounded by a circular ring and now bore the name, “The Nautilus- Made in America.”  The pentagon theorized they had a “ Captain Nemo” on their hands- that Manny wanted to bring peace to the world from his orbiting spaceship housing this super laser weapon.  Alex met with the President, along with the FBI agents, and begged for twenty-four hours to get the answers the President needed. Alex was sure the government would over react and whatever world changing energy items Manny had, would be destroyed.  While that would have worked for Alex’s interest, he felt having and controlling these new items might present a huge financial gain.
      By the time his twenty-four hours was up, Alex knew the truth. Yet this truth was unbelievable on any level. Manny and his wife Faye, told Alex that they were ALIENS, dropped off on earth forty years ago and were now preparing to leave the planet- but also were involved in a forty year running ALIEN SURVIVOR GAME- he was flabbergasted.   The President naturally did not buy into the story.    Faye and Manny took charge and invited the President and his wife to dinner on “The Nautilus”.  The President, wishing to avoid another Waco, Texas incident, took them up on the invite and went to dinner.  He figured he knew these people well enough to get to the bottom of things.   Yet at dinner… let’s just say that from here on the movie audience will be on the edge of their seats as they “root” for Manny and his crew to win out against earthlings in this fun summer blockbuster!

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