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Current Loglines

THE UNKNOWN fACTOR (drama/thriller) "A young German scientist knowingly commits espionage by sending atomic secrets to 

Albert Einstein who is residing in the United States of America."


WHATEVER IT TAKES (drama/thriller) "A billionaire fakes his death and leaves his estate to his 3-year old kidnapped daughter to

keep her alive while he searches for her with an elite group of professionals."


A PLOT TO KILL (crime/thriller) "A retired intelligence officer due to inherit a great deal of money goes on the warpath after the trustee

tries to kill him and his daughter to keep his share."

GHOST BANDITS (western) "A Texas Ranger,  an Indian and an orphaned Girl team up to bring down a ruthless gang as told by an old college professor who witnessed the events as a child."

(A Nicholl Fellowship Finalist - one out of 360 after 6,000 entries)

LEAPING LIZARDS (comedy) "A married couple, unbeknownst to one another, take drastic measures to confirm their faithfulness." (new)

THE FILE (thriller drama) "Not wanting to face his daughter with the truth, a dying millionaire seeks a delicate way to reunite her with her birth parents while dodging the murderous greed of his nephew."

EQUAL PAY (comedy, musical, political satire) "A young woman, with noticeable features and endorsed by a Congresswoman, becomes the Pied Piper when she parades down the halls of the Senate  to get the attention of the President and his Representatives to get them to sign a new bill."

SOUTH BY NORTH (thriller) "A heavily drugged US Marshall dropped off in the desert, teams up with a Doctor with schizophrenic tendencies to fight the bad guys."

THE PARK (Sci-Fi drama) "Trapped on earth, other planetary beings must design, finance and construct a spaceship to get home, while eluding earths curious governmental authorities."

TO BE OR NOT TO BE SUSAN (Romantic comedy) "A Diva Super Star loses her country star Sweetheart to a down home look-a-like who runs a Texas cafe."

SANDCASTLE DAY (family comedy) "A cantankerous Genie reluctantly grants a has-been old man a chance to go back in time to fix things, but not without consequences."

THE REUNION CRASHERS (comedy) "To sharpen their acting skills two ladies crash high school reunions impersonating past alumni and become changed in ways they could not have imagined"

WHAT ABOUT THAT GUY? (comedy) " The Vice President drives the President nuts after being hit in the head by a gold ball and wakes 


THAT THING ON THE HILL (comedy) "A team of researchers uncovers a fozen man bound in bear skin that brings enlightenment to the small town nearby."

OFF THE DEEP END (romantic comedy) " A young CEO facing a take-over leaves town to strategize, but instead meets a treaure hunting artist that makes his life even more complicated."

THE PERFECT GIFT (drama) "After a traumatic experience a young woman works at a college and attends classes pretending to be a

student but a perfect gift changes her life forever."

THE ECCENTRIC LOVE AFFAIR (satire/romantic comedy) "To gain his billion-dollar inheritance a dull money lover who is afraid of 

commitment must fall in love and prove it to his ultra- eccentric grandmother."

DUSTY AND THE BOOKA MONSTER (dramady) "The town drunk gets cured by a special batch of beer but his ex-wife's boyfriend

gets jealous and tries to put him back in the bottle as his past problems begin to haunt him."

(finished in the top ten percent in the Nicholl Fellowship)

THE CORRUPTED (crime/thriller) "A detective who suspects a missing girl is a victim of the legendary shanghai tunnels of Portland

is opposed by corrupt officials who want to keep the tunnels going."

THE WOODSTOCK CANDIDATE (fantasy/drama) "A billionaire republican candidate for President is sent back in time to meet his father

at Woodstock, and learns that his personal values are shallow and changes to become more loving."

THE GREEN-EYED MARBLE (comedy) "A young man who hides behind a mask from shyness finds courage to conquer his problem and save his est friend from being tortured by a desperate sorceress who is after her lost crystal ball that he has."

THE SOUND (comedy) "A couple who embezzled millions from Wall Street set up a new life in small town Kingston, Washington become entangled with wacky neighbors as created by a team of writers trying to pump out a new television series."

SWINDLED (thriller) "A woman tries to hunt down her boss who has disappeared with her savings he invested for her and then faces

bigger problems when a Senator after her boss imprisons her."

GRANDPA AND THE 25TH (true story drama) "A young white army lieutenant bonds with a small group of black buffalo soldiers on a

bike journey from Missoula to Yellowstone Part in 1896 in an experiment to see if moving troops by bikes was possible but they learned it was no easy task after surviving snakes, flats, bears, Indians, flash floods, buffalo and prejudice."

WEIRD VALLEY ROAD (sci-fi fantasy) "Trapped in an eerie town young lovers fight to save two children from ertain death without 

knowing why until they realize the kids are theirs from the future."

FREED (Drama) "A secret agency kidnaps people to protect them from themselves then places them into a fictional story

that could turn their lives around."

SERGEANT RICARDO (fantasy drama) "An angel helps a Marine save the President after he saves him  from a

dark suicidal moment from PTSD." (A Wonderful Life)


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