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LOGLINE PITCH: "It's A Wonderful Life" meets a suicidal Marine.


Sergeant Ricky Ricardo wanted to be a lifetime Marine. He was good at it. He was also a hero to his mother, Maria, and his young brother, Philip, as he was the bread winner of the family. His girlfriend, Lucy, was pregnant and they were going to get married as soon as they could save the money. Life was good though they were living on a shoestring. Yet, Sergeant Ricardo was facing some PTSD from his tours in the form of nightmares but things were to get worse- even leading to a suicide attempt after being wounded in a heroic battle. What Sergeant Ricardo didn’t know was that an angel, DAYWIND, had been sent down on a special mission to save a Senator from an assassination attempt and that Senator was going to be attacked while touring Sergeant Ricardo’s base in Yuma, Arizona. There was special interest in this Senator as he was a Presidential candidate with just the right qualities- apparently. Daywind knew that Sergeant Ricardo had the skills and thus was the right man to protect the Senator- not just for this attack but for a future one. For that something would have to change. Yet to save the Senator a rule had to be broken- taking a loaded gun onto a military base. Breaking this rule can lead to court martial and a dishonorable discharge. Daywind made sure Sergeant Ricardo had the right weapon at just the right time and in just the right place. Ricardo became a hero and a suspect at the same time. He was also wounded and was left with complications. There was a trial and Sergeant Ricardo’s dream of being the best Marine ever was smashed. Depression and a heightened PTSD set in. Months later he put a gun to his head. Daywind shows up and has an award winning conversation with Sergeant Ricardo- one that would help any soldier at that point. He showed him slices of the future without him. Especially how it affected the ones he loved. The joys of tomorrow can out way the misery of today. Now, with an average of twenty-one veterans and military personnel committing suicide each day in America, the writer, me, hopes this is made and saves at least one of them each day.

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