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A  Congresswoman persuades a very welll endoowed young woman to become the 

Pied Piper Secret Weapon of the Senate to get them to pass an equal pay bill."

                                                 (Political satire, comedy, musical)

Twenty-two year old SALLY BECK had just graduated from Harvard when she got a job at a firm

as a researcher.  All was good until she got her first check and discovered that a close friend, JERRY NEAL, made more than she did despite they were hired at the same time and did the same job. When she complained her manager played down her complaint and hit on her.

Sally was not binding her J cup breasts after doing so in High School and college to ward off guys as best she could. Basically she hid in the over-sized cloths and wore pads to make her look fat

though she had a perfect body. When she started her new job she had a coming out and wore more regular cloths with no flesh showing. In no uncertain terms she stood out. After her boss hit on her and her anger climbed a work mate,DIANE, suggested she go to Congresswoman RACHEL BEERMASTER'S  equal pay meeting along with other women. 


When Beermaster saw Sally she had a vision of Sally changing the tide in the Senate. Sally agreed and Beermaster called in Hollywood designer friends who did a make up job for Sally. They taught her to act like Marilyn Monroe and put her in red carpet outfits that showed her off. They then embarked on a three phase plan to capture as many Senators as she could while remaining a mystery.  It drove them crazy- even the President wanted to get in on the action.  On one of her trips she put the bill on key Senator's desks and it paid off.

This is a fun movie musical !

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