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The Reunion Crashers Comedy

THE REUNION CRASHERS                                  
by Robert T. Roe                                            503-998-2479

Logline: (comedy) “Two female actors do wild things to climb out of their rut.”

            SANDRA and BARBIE were coasting through life with only the pretense of hope of change. That was their acting class.  In real life they had ho-hum jobs and milk toast boyfriends.  In real life Sandra was never on time and Barbie was chronically clumsy. On top of that, they were sliding deeper into their rut without realizing it. Then there was that new television show, “Soaps One Hundred Worse Moments,” that shocked Sandra out of her mind to see that she herself was number “fifty”. When she was thirteen she broke character on live television and was kicked off and banned from the show by the lead actress, ALICE DETRICH, who is now a six time daytime soap Emmy winner.  Sandra had thought of it as forgotten history but here it was back again being shown over and over on cable.
             On top of that humiliation, Sandra and Barbie’s drama coach, FRANK, finally reached his limit with them when they questioned the value of one of his exercises.  They were whispering in the back of class again and so Frank asked them to come forward and “be museum statues” in the scene. Of course, because of their smiling and snickering, they couldn’t be stone-faced.  “Statues don’t act!” Sandra declared to the coach.  The room went silent as Frank unloaded on them. “If you can’t be a lifeless, breathless statue how could you ever hope to be a vibrant, breathing, industry changing character?” He then kicked them out of his class. Yet, he left one door open. “Do something outrageous! Then and only then will you be permitted back!”  
               The next day at a garage sale Sandra and Barbie were talking about how neither one of them could think of anything “outrageous” to do. Sandra made the comment that all her ideas were like “safe sex.”  Then they picked up a salt and pepper shaker set of a nude man and woman holding each other. When Barbie pulled them apart- the male had a reason to be attached.  Barbie was immediately embarrassed and picked up an old high school yearbook to hide her face in. Sandra squealed, “That’s it! Outrageous things have the potential to be embarrassing.” Then she noticed the yearbook and squealed again. “That’s it! Let’s crash a high school reunion pretending to be one of them!”
                That idea scared Barbie right out of the garage sale and right into hiding. As Sandra worked on her outrageous idea of crashing a high school reunion pretending to be one of the alumni that did not RSVP, Barbie would not answer the phone or the door- but then she did (or there would be no comedy here).  At their first reunion, Barbie got sick in the bathroom but then bounced back to have fun.   That set the stage for a series of reunions in which both of them grew in their improvisational skills as well as having fun.  Their drama coach began to see a real difference in them and one night gave them a “hmmm…interesting.” They flipped over the complement.
                 The girls decided to attend one more high school reunion and that’s when things take a huge turn that leads to a fun finish that will delight the movie audience.

Robert T. Roe                                  503-998-2479                     

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