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Off The Deep End Romantic Comedy Movie Script


Robert T Roe                                 503-998-2479            
2005 SE  148th
Portland, Or. 97233

Logline: “ A wealthy business man finds himself doing crazy things to win the love of a deep-sea-treasure- hunting artist.”

        Love and a “take-over” whacks millionaire businessman, PETER LANDON, right in the face. While dealing with the possible loss of his company, he encounters a beautiful, intriguing artist, MICHELLE, whose goal in life is to dive for sunken treasure. While denying she has had any affect on him, he seems to lose focus. Though he has never played the guitar before, he agrees on a whim to play and sing a song at an up coming open-mic. At the same time he allows Michelle to believe that he is nothing more than the hired deckhand she mistook him for.  “Why did I say that? What was I thinking?” he bemoans to his chauffer and side-kick, RICK, who tries to convince him he has “fallen for the chick.” Still he is unable to stop himself from appearing on that stage and singing a song a week later. He has Rick hire GRAHAM NASH to teach him from scratch. Meanwhile, his mother, VICTORIA, who wants grand children, is hounding him to marry STEPHANY, a wonderful woman whom he has been dating for several years.
         Michelle, a woman dedicated to her own goals in life, has not had any romance since the man she was to marry died four years earlier in a diving accident. Her colorful mother, EMMA, realizes that her daughter needs to love again and so does not blow Peter’s cover as a deck hand as she knows he is a popular magazines choice as the “most eligible millionaire bachelor.” CAPTAIN ORY, who Michelle believes to be a modern day pirate who follows her around at sea hoping to steal her treasure, is discovered in the end to really be her mother’s bow! Michelle turns into a basket case herself after she pushes Peter overboard! She struggles with her feelings of love for Peter and her anger at him, her mother and Captain Ory.  Yet, all are met with some surprises that lead to a new life of happiness- their new treasure!”
           The sub-plots of “Treasure” are its true wealth.  Peter struggles to keep his company safe from a vicious take-over, a sub-plot of its own, that has a significant affect on Peter’s choices in the main story line. As three corporate advisors arrive to help, Peter’s mother, VICTORIA, burst into his office. “I want a grandchild!” she declares.  Victoria is convinced that STEPHANY, a brilliant, attractive, professional woman that Peter has been dating for several years, is the right woman to make her dream come true. Peter believes that Stephanie is near perfect also, but does he have real love for her?  As the main storyline begins to unfold this question, the subplot with Stephanie, turns, unjustly, into the forces of antagonism. Peter faces confusion and guilt for looking away from Stephanie to Michelle, the alluring artist and treasure hunter that brings in the main storyline. Yet the discovery of and chemistry of love at first sight between Peter and Michelle becomes the treasure of their lives.

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