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The File Family Drama Screenplay

Robert T Roe                                                                                      503-998-2479

Logline:  “While being tortured by the painful thought of telling his daughter that she is not his, a dieing millionaire turns to her birth parents for help in protecting her from his greedy nephew, and secure for her the love of the family who believed her dead.”

     San Francisco millionaire, ROBERT LINCOLN, now knows that the sharp pains that have visited him are the signs of his approaching death from cancer. Yet, he has a greater pain. He cannot bare the thought of facing his daughter, MARILYN LINCOLN, and telling her that he had purchased her as an infant, and paid an adoption agent to falsify her records.  He had figured that he would never tell, and no one would ever find out.  But now he is deeply concerned about Marilyn’s future happiness. She will need a family after his death, and GARROT LINCOLN, his greedy nephew, will not do. Besides, Robert knows exactly who Marilyn’s birth parents are.
       Yet, Robert also knows that it will be a challenge to convince his daughter of the truth about her birth parents, much less get her to accept them.  Therefore, he has prepared a FILE that documents, in explicit detail, all the facts.  Being the creative innovator that he is, he has put in motion a loving, incredible plan to help his daughter to get to know her birth parents before she becomes aware of her true relationship to them. He believes that Marilyn will hit it off well with her real mother, MARY TRUDEAU, but is unsure of the real Father, CARSON TRUDEAU.  He wishes Carson were a stronger man like himself. Still, Robert’s private detectives tell him that they appear to be a happy family. Robert has bought the company where Mary Trudeau works and has asked his daughter, a Berkley graduate, to move to Portland and make the company over.  Yet, when Marilyn drives out of town, the morning after her fabulous going away party, she is unaware that the hit man her cousin has hired is following her.
          Robert’s nephew, Garrot, is much worse than Robert had imagined.  He wants it all- The Company, the inheritance, and even Marilyn if he can get her.  His hit man, TOM, planted a device on Robert’s private jet. The device was carefully constructed to make the airplane crash, yet make it appear to be a malfunction and accident. Garrot takes his greed and resentment of his uncle to a higher, sinister level, by wishing to detonate the device while he watches from the ground.  However, Garrot becomes worried that his uncle overheard him talking to his accomplice in crime, GRAY, another member of the board of directors who stands to lose a great deal of money if Robert remains in control. The truth is that Garrot is right. Robert did accidentally overhear the plot against his life, and he takes immediate action to counter whatever Garrot tries against him.  Ironically, Garrot does not know his uncle is to die soon anyway!  As this deadly cat and mouse game heats up, Robert turns to Marilyn’s real father for aid in protecting Marilyn. It pays off big time as Carson fights to protect the daughter, he had thought had died as an infant, while he was in Vietnam.  In the end, Robert has his wish come true.  Marilyn ends up, safe and happy, in the loving arms of her real parents.

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