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That Thing On The Hill Comedy

Logline: “An Alaskan research veterinarian gets caught up in a mysterious Indian Legend and chain of events after taking an ancient bear found frozen and tied to stakes in the ice to her laboratory.”

Welcome Producers!

Welcome Independent and Hollywood

Producers who are looking for that special Movie Screenplay to make. I'm Robert (Bob) Roe the screenwriter and I believe the movie scripts listed on the following pages have charm and are money-makers. Please enjoy looking them over. Thanks.

See Movies Below

SOUTH BY NORTH (thriller)

“A heavily drugged US Marshall on the run for his life gets picked up by a lost paranoid doctor going the wrong way.“

SAND CASTLE DAY (family comedy) “A loser grandpa who gets young again for a trip to the beach for Sand Castle Day battles a depressed genie who won’t let him change things for a better future.”


(Thriller) “A billionaire fakes his death and wills his money to his kidnapped daughter to keep her alive while he searches for her.”

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