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Logline: “The antics of the Vice President, after being hit in the head by a golf ball, drive a control-freak President to the point of insanity.” (Comedy)
             “No nonsense” President JACK WILSON needs a new running mate.  His Vice President, HARRY HAMILTON, has just dropped dead while leaving the hospital. His bypass surgery had left him feeling like a “twenty-year old”, he declared, just moments before a beautiful woman, KATHERINE BODEY, stepped out of the crowd and flashed her assets at him. His eyes rolled up and he fell dead against her chest. Poor President Wilson searched through his entire list of friends from his Republican Party but, it seems, none of them “have been able to keep their pants on”. Presidential aid, DEMWITS, suggests they seriously consider a quiet, mannerly, little known Senator from Connecticut, PREZ HUMPIER.  Senator Humpier is a widower with two pet dogs, DUKE AND DUTCHESS, and has “not gone to the ink well” since his wife died.  Demwits feels, that with just a few days before the election, that Humpier, who leaves a rose on his dead wife’s grave every Saturday morning, can pull in the votes. The President, after threatening Demwits with death if Humpier proves to be a problem, reluctantly meets with Senator Humpier. Besides laying down the law that he is the absolute boss, he begins to call Humpier, HUE, for short. And sure enough, after the news media follow Hue (Humpier) to his Saturday morning vigil to place a rose on his wife’s grave, they win the election just as Demwits had predicted.
                Perhaps Demwits predictions about Hue would have all come true, if it had not been for that badly sliced golf ball the President hit into Hue’s head on their first golf game after being elected.   While Hue lay in the hospital, almost dead from his injuries, Demwits tells the press that Humpier hit his head on a tree limb while riding his golf cart.  For some reason, three days later when Hue wakes up, he can’t seem to remember the golf cart or the limb. He feels somewhat changed. He feels young and happy. Why before you know it, he is playing chase with his dogs in his pajamas out on the lawn.  Duke even manages to pull his pajama bottoms off while Hue lays on the ground- laughing like a ten year old. Of course, it is caught on camera and becomes front-page news.
                 Angry President Wilson clicks the two metal balls, he keeps on his desk to exercise with, in Demwits’ face as he yells. This would not be the last time, as Hue becomes more of a problem and embarrassment for the President. Especially so, after Hue falls in love with Miss Bodey- the woman the White House is thinking of taking to trial for the death of Vice President Hamilton. The President’s anger grows as Hue’s popularity soars and turns to insanity by the time his Vice President defends Miss Bodey in court against the President’s wishes. A surprise ending finishes the President off, as he is taken away in a straight jacket.
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