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Weird Valley Road Thriller Sci-fi Script

WEIRD VALLEY ROAD                           by Robert T. Roe                            1-503-998-2479

Logline: “Trapped in an eerie town, young lovers fight to save two children from certain death without knowing why.”

The little town of Krawford Point, Oregon located a mile down Weird Valley Road was not built by human hands, but rather by some higher force in a single day.  It was a set up, a trap, an act put on to change a mind. It had purpose and a target. It began with a CRYSTAL CUBE from space striking down trees in an Oregon forest to bed itself in the ground.  The mercury goo that flowed from the cube first produced a little girl, JAIME, then a little boy, TOBY, then a specially designed town.

APRIL THOMPSON didn’t notice little Jaime when she suddenly appeared behind her and touched her - probably for some sort of information- then just as quickly disappeared.  April had her mind on business as she rode her exercise bike. She glanced back with a strange feeling but it was nothing.   April was on top of her game and now rolling in corporate clout. She had made an arrangement to keep her reign of success going undisturbed as CEO of the year- named so by Newsweek Magazine.  Her private life was also hot.  Her playboy billionaire boyfriend, CHARLIE NEWPORT, had arranged a weeklong trip to tour the Oregon coastline with April to celebrate her success. April knew Charlie had other women in his life, but even though she was very fond of him, his lack of commitment to one woman made it easy for her to keep her career goals burning,

They were happy as they drove Charlie’s Hummer toward the Oregon beaches.

Only a strange thing happened when a LITTLE BOY on a bike suddenly dashed out in front of Charlie’s Hummer on a lonely wooded area twenty miles from the coast.  Charlie could not figure out how he could have possibly missed the kid, yet he was not to be found. Neither was they any damage to Charlie’s Hummer to indicate he had hit anything.

Then as Charlie searched the Highway for the boy, April looking on, he hears the VOICE of a little girl- as if from the bushes across the road- asking “Have you seen my brother?” Since April heard nothing, Charlie blew the whole thing off as an over active imagination.  Charlie and April continued their trip to the beach but not before they pass the intersection to Krawford Point on Weird Valley Road and take note to what a strange place it was.  Finally, at the coast, they have dinner, go dancing, and then to bed.  All seemed better than good until the next morning when they go out to the parked Hummer to find it being inspected by  SHERIFF GOOD.

Mysteriously, the front end is now damaged and a little boy is missing.  While not admitting to anything, Charlie leads Sheriff Good to the spot where he thought he had seen the kid just in case. It was just a short block from the intersection to Weird Valley Road.  Within minutes the Sheriff clears them of hitting the missing boy and declares that he was just radioed that the boy was home - safe and unharmed.

Charlie and April decline the Sheriff’s offer of a great cup of coffee down at Krawford Point.  Yet, when they turn to go, Charlie hears that little girl’s voice again- “ Have you seen my brother?” Charlie’s curiosity is now peaked. He pushes April to go and they follow Sheriff Good down Weird Valley Road to Krawford point. On the way their G.P.S. tells them they are in Arizona, and Charlie’s compass keeps spinning.  April has a stir of goose bumps while Charlie is compelled forward.

As they approached the small country store at Krawford Point, where they would now meet little Jaime and Toby, they have no idea how critical things will become for them.  Things heat up to thriller proportions.   Even escaping seems impossible as the road they came in on now dead ends into the face of a mountain.  And who is chasing them with guns and motive to kill? Strangely, while trying to protect themselves they are pressed to rescue Jaime and Toby from certain death. Everything is upside down and deadly until Charlie figures out the riddle of Krawford Point and April overcomes her greatest fear.  Then, the road out appears before them.   Yet, though now out of danger and free, there are more surprises to this emotionally charged story.   All in a days work for the powers behind Weird Valley Road. 

Great Cinematic Moments

PAGE ONE:  In a clear, sunny day, a dark unusual cloud moves inland from the ocean onto the Oregon coast. 

 The cloud stops over a heavily treed area, rumbles, then rains down FROGS. The frogs burst and are absorbed into the ground. 
 Suddenly, a black top road appears from the muck and begins to grow.
 From the muck of frogs, a little GIRL pops up with a dolly in hand, then beside, a little BOY. The little girl vanishes.
 Inside an upscale workout room before a newspaper and tv news, our protagonist, APRIL THOMPSON, rides away on her exercise bike.

The little girl appears behind her, touches her, and goes.
April looks behind her, then back to her newspaper
April leaves town with her boyfriend, CHARLIE
A little boy on a bike darts in front of Charlie’s Hummer
As they drive down Weird Valley Road the compass spins

A rattlesnake crawls into a bag on the ground that’s put in the Hummer
Jaime gets pinned against a wall by a German Shepard
April tries to save Jaime then Mary shoots the dog down
The road suddenly ends into the face of a mountain

The Hummer strikes a man down
Turner shoots Sheriff Good down, aiming for Charlie
Charlie races away with them giving chase
Out on the highway, Jaime shows up beside April
Just as a Bear comes out of the woods and sniffs the air
Charlie drives up just in time and rescues them
Charlie drives into an abandoned train tunnel to hide
April screams for him to back out and he does just as a train flies out of the tunnel
Turner and his men are waiting and blow out their windshield
A train runs Turner down in front of them
The Hummer sinks into the ground out of sight
The bear shows up behind them and they run with the kids
April falls injuring her knee with the bear right behind them
She hands Jaime to Charlie and says,
“Save the kids.” Charlie smiles,“ I got this figured out”
He turns to the bear and says,
“We’re taking the children with us.”
The bear turns and walks away
A highway patrol officer questions them, wondering if they were drunk as there is no Weird Valley Road
As they drive back to town, April tells Charlie she is pregnant with his child and now wants to keep it with no burden to him.
Deep inside, they both feel Jamie and Toby are their children
Charlie, moved by their experience and his love for April, asks her to marry him

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