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The Dolphins Dance .......Hero Drama Screenplay

“THE DOLPHINS DANCE “           by Robert Roe                           503-998-2479

Logline: Changed by his own murder, a young man seeks a way to protect his family from his murderer while dealing with his new life and powers.”

       The Dolphins Dance only for TOMMY WEBSTER.  Though his brother, RICHARD, has stood at the end of the peer many times and signaled these trained dolphins to perform, they still will only leap, soar and dance across the water for his wheelchair bound older brother. Tommy’s father, now deceased, had acquired these trained dolphins years earlier. He built the special peer that extends out across the water just below the Raymark Research Institution where Tommy has always lived, and even installed an elevator to take his son down to his dolphins each day.  The years have not treated Tommy well though, as he has become even more physically impaired from advanced arthritis and other complications. It has become difficult for him to lift his arm to signal the dolphins to perform as they often did to the delight of all, including his sister, JOSEPHINE and mom EDIE.
    Up on the hill in the institute old DOC MEAKS has worked for years to find a cure for Tommy and other like him- a genetic repair kit so to speak. Though it is dangerously not ready, the Dragon’s Breath formula shows great promise for the distant future.  Unfortunately, because of Tommy’s rapidly deteriorating health, it seems he will not last long enough to ever try the formula.  Yet, in a bazaar way bad fortune becomes a life changing miracle for Tommy when his future stepfather, PALMER, decides his must kill Tommy. Palmer, acting on the belief that the dragon’s breath formula would kill anyone in a matter of minutes, premeditates Tommy’s death by making it appear as if Tommy had snuck in and taken the formula himself.
           A moment later a contorting, smoldering, screaming creature makes its way from the lab to fall to the ocean water below. Just before Tommy’s body hits the water, he explodes into flames.  The dolphins race after him as he sinks into the ocean depths. Later, in the early hours of the morning, an old fisherman finds a badly burned young man floating atop the bay waters surrounded by dolphins.
           When Tommy arrives at the hospital, the young intern on duty, BRENDA, is hard pressed to know where to start medical treatment.  This strange man is burned head to toe and has a body temperature that no human should be able to survive.  Yet, within hours, his body completely heals itself to the marvel of the early morning hospital staff. Though Tommy awakes with no knowledge of his past life, he finds himself handsome, gifted, healthy and strong.  With joy in his heart, he walks right out of the hospital.
           Fascinated by the events surrounding this miracle man, Brenda takes up his cause.
The struggle for Tommy to remember his past life is compounded by the fact that he is so intrigued and captivated with exploring his new body and life. He tells Brenda that he can’t remember being so strong and so physical. Yet, some twisted up person in a wheelchair keeps visiting him in an attempt to help him remember. After a flood of emotions sweeps over Tommy, he remembers the horrible truth that Palmer had brutally tried to kill him. Armed with this new realization along with some interesting powers, Tom races off to find the evidence to prove his case against Palmer.  He survives another attempt on his life with the help of the dolphins, a high-speed boat chase, and a final shoot-out to deliver the evidence leading to Palmer’s arrest.  
        Tommy then meets with his family out on the peer below the institute. Though they do not believe his claim to actually be Tommy, it becomes clear that Doc Meaks’ experimental formula really worked when this handsome young man lifts his arms and the dolphins leap from the water.  Amazed, the family embraces Tommy, since they know that the Dolphins Dance only for the young man who used to be chained to his wheelchair- their Tommy!

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