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         Movies by Robert T. Roe:               503-998-2479           

THE LAST TRAIN TO PARIS (drama) “Rick and Ilsa are forced to meet at the end of the war as a German Officer seeks revenge for the murder of his brother.” (wga-1024316)


THE UNKNOWN FACTOR (drama) “A young German scientist goes against his family and Hitler when he commits espionage to bring atomic bomb secrets to Albert Einstein in America.” (wga 1208527)

  VALUE LOG: This is a blend of fact and fiction that illustrates the truth about the splitting of the atom. 

WEIRD VALLEY ROAD (sci-fi/ thriller)   Trapped in an eerie town, young lovers who fight unknown forces to save two mysterious children from certain death, arrive at an epiphany and then are set free.”

  Note: A 2006 Monterey Film Festival second round pick (wga 1066610)  VALUE NOTE: A unique Twilight Zone story that represents the unborn. 


WHATEVER IT TAKES (Thriller) “A billionaire fakes his death and wills his money to his kidnapped daughter to keep her alive while he searches for her.”

 Value Note:  A special twist at the end. (wga 1208527)


THE CORRUPTED (crime/thriller) “A police detective, who suspects a missing girl is a victim of the legendary shanghai tunnels of Portland, Oregon, is opposed by corrupt officials and a powerful business man.” (wga 1177472)


GHOST BANDITS (western) “A Texas Ranger, a mysterious Indian angel, and an orphaned girl team up to bring down a ruthless gang as told by an old college professor.”  (wga 913384)

 SPECIAL NOTE: A 2003 Nicholl Fellowship 1st round finalist- (1 of 320 left from 6,048 entries)

   Note: a 2003 1st round finalist- (1 of 93 our of 1,000 entries)   VALUE LOG: This is a twist on Little Big Man.

THE FILE (action/drama) “Not wishing to face his daughter with the truth, a dying millionaire seeks a delicate way to reunite her with her birth parents while dodging the murderous greed of his nephew.” (wga 892505)

 Note: a 2003 Monterey Film Festival 1st round finalist.

VALUE LOG Family love- an Alfred Hitchcock drama with a feel good ending.

SOUTH BY NORTH (thriller)  A heavily drugged US Marshall on the run for his life gets picked up by a lost paranoid doctor going the wrong way.  (wga 114643) 

  Note:  A 2006 Monterey Film festival second round pick. Note:   Placed in the top 15% at the Nicholl Fellowship Contest            

SECRETS (mystery/ suspense) “A betrayed secretary caught up in a spy feud between her boss and a powerful Senator, chases down her retirement money when her boss disappears.” 

  Note: a 2002 Monterey Film Festival 1st round finalist.


The Park (action/drama) “Trapped on earth in a reality game, aliens must design, finance and construct their own spaceship to escape before the government finds them out.”                                                                                               

TO BE OR NOT TO BE SUSAN (Romantic comedy) “A super star loses her boyfriend to a sweet down to earth double who runs a Texas café.” (wga1320508)Note: A young female star plays two roles.


THE GREEN EYED MARBLE (comedy) “A young masked man finds courage to conquer his extreme shyness and save his bug-phobic best friend from being tortured by a desperate sorceress after her lost crystal ball.”   VALUE NOTE: lots of funny characters with great tee-shirt lines.


SAND CHASLLE DAY (family comedy) “A loser grandpa who gets young again for a trip to the beach for Sand Castle Day battles a depressed genie who won’t let him change things for a better future.”  (wga 1094002)

   VALUE NOTE: This is a feel good movie that brings tears at the end.   

WHAT ABOUT HUGH? (comedy) “The Vice President drives the President nuts after being hit in the head by a golf ball.” (wga 862933) VALUE NOTE: It’s an election year piece that would make a ton of money as a comedy.


THE REUNION CRASHERS (comedy)   “To sharpen their acting skills two females crash high school reunions only to become changed in ways they could not have imagined.”


DUSTY AND THE BOOKA MONSTER (comedy) “ The town drunk seemingly gets cured by a special beer but complications begin when his past begins to haunt him and his ex wife’s boyfriend gets jealous of his new progress.” (wga 1310832)

VALUE NOTE: Placed in the top 10% in the Nicholl Fellowship Contest..


THAT THING ON THE HILL (comedy)  An Alaskan research scientist gets caught up in a mysterious Indian Legend and bazaar chain of events after taking an ancient bear found frozen in the ice to her lab.”( WGA10374917)    Note: a 2005 Scriptapalooza quarterfinalist

THE DOLPHIN’S DANCE (fantasy) “Changed into a super hero by a murder attempt a young man seeks to protect his family though he is completely unrecognizable to them.”


OFF THE DEEP END (Romantic Comedy) “As his business faces a take over, and feeling a little crazy, he finds his heart has been taken over as well by an artist at the beach who doesn’t want him.” (wga 1527874)


THE PERFECT GIFT (Drama) “A rape victim who works as a janitor at a college pretends to be a student to rebuild her life. “


THE ECCENTRIC LOVE AFFAIR (Satire/ romantic comedy) “To gain his billion dollar inheritance, a dull money lover who’s afraid of commitment, must fall in love and prove it to his ultra eccentric grandmother by taking a lie detector test.”



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