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Family Action Movie Pilot "Hearts of Thunder"



                                             HEARTS OF THUNDER

Robert T. Roe                                                                                       503-998-2479


Logline: “Framed as a spy and on the run, a top agent gets help from his family to rescue the President’s daughter in Switzerland and the President, himself being held prisoner in his own Oval Office unknown to his staff, from a brilliant thief seeking ransom and revenge.”


Logline: “A family of government agents team up to rescue the President, being held prisoner in his Oval office, and his kidnapped daughter from a terrorist turned thief.”


     “Hearts of Thunder” is an action/thriller that puts a patriotic family to its greatest test of love and courage. TIM YOUNG is a strong leading character that, after graduating from the naval academy and serving seven years as a special CIA agent, receives an appointment, by request of the President, to serve as White House Chief of Security.

       Though Tim is fairly young for such a prestigious job, the President has total confidence in him. Three years earlier Tim had single handedly rescued the President, then a Senator, from captors holding him for ransom. With incredible coolness Tim, a disguise specialist, tricked the two Arab men guarding SENATOR THORIN into thinking he was one of them. Moments later Tim and the Senator, blending in as locals, just walk away down the crowded street.  Of course to Tim and his family of government agents, this was just another day on the job. His father, JIMMY YOUNG, and his brother, DANNY, both work for the FBI. His brother, MIKE, is a special- forces commando and his sister, MARIE, and brother, ROBERT, are CIA.  The entire family is well thought of and respected in the community of workers around Washington, but they will risk it all.

         A terrible thing has happened. The Presidents daughter, JENNY, on ski vacation in Switzerland was now the prisoner of the very man from whom the President had escaped three years earlier. BENHADDON has a score to settle. He also needs money to promote his new cause- “himself”.  He feels sure that this new plan will vindicate and prove his superior intelligence.

         The President decides to cooperate and thus makes himself a prisoner, known only to himself, in his own Oval Office. Benhaddon knew that the President would never negotiate with a terrorist, even for his own daughter’s sake, so he cleverly makes it easy and politically correct. He tells the President that he is only a thief and will spend the ransom monies on the good life for himself and his men. No one need ever know. He also warns the President that he would take great pleasure in killing his daughter if his demands are not met to the letter. He promises to immediately kill Jenny if they even suspect that the President is seeking any help from any source- even if someone gets curious!  They will monitor his every move and word. 

          Things heat up when Tim gets curious.  The President has him framed as a spy by the lies of his new love, IGMAR. Yet, Tim, now on the run, sees clearly what he must do, and leaves for Switzerland to rescue Jenny.  His family risks it all to join him in a daring plan that tricks the bad guys. Afterwards, this family is rewarded for their love and loyalty, with a happy ending, and a new job assignment from the President to serve him as his personal secret task force.



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