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Cinematic Moments for "Weird Valley Road" movie screenplay. These are the moments that would be remembered first. 


By Robert T. Roe

Great Cinematic Moments

PAGE ONE:  In a clear, sunny day, a dark unusual cloud moves inland from the ocean onto the Oregon coast.   It moves over a small town then speeds away toward the deep woods off a lonely highway.

 The cloud stops over a heavily treed area, rumbles, then rains down FROGS. The frogs burst and are absorbed into the ground. 
 Suddenly, a black top road appears from the muck and begins to grow, forming a road as it goes.
 From the muck of frogs, a little GIRL pops up with a dolly in hand, then beside, a little BOY. The little girl vanishes.
 Inside an upscale workout room before a newspaper and tv news, our protagonist, APRIL THOMPSON, rides away on her exercise bike.

The little girl appears behind her, touches her, and goes.
April looks behind her, then back to her newspaper

 Back in the forest, the littler girl appears, and looks forward to see the road growing before her. Buildings pop up, a country store, an old house, a barn across the way, then a grizzly bear. The little BOY pops up beside her.
 In a large upscale shower stall, April, touches a wall phone and it rings a number. A man answers, CHARLIE NEWPORT.  They confirm their plans for a trip to the coast. At Charlie’s house, we see he is extremely wealthy and a playboy.
 After April visits her sister at a hospital, she stops briefly by a doctor’s office then joins up with Charlie at his house.
 While driving down a lonely spot toward the coast,

A little boy on a bike darts in front of Charlie’s Hummer

 Charlie slams on his brakes and swears he hit the boy
 April did not see the boy and can’t understand Charlie’s concern
 They get out and look around. No little boy, no bike, NO DAMAGE to the front bumper
 Then a girl’s voice comes from the bushes that ONLY CHARLIE HEARS,

Have you seen my brother?
 Thinking it just weird, they drive on, stop beside a sign that reads WEIRD VALLEY ROAD, then to the coast, have dinner and go to bed.
 The next morning they find SHERIFF GOOD examining the hummer.

The front bumper IS NOW DAMAGED!

 Nervous but sure he didn’t hit the boy, Charlie leads Sheriff Good back to the spot he saw the boy
 Back at the SPOT they find nothing, yet Charlie hears that girl’s voice again,

Have you seen my brother?

 Sheriff Good invites them for a cup of coffee at Krawfort Point down Weird Valley Road.  April does not want to go, but Charlie can’t help himself after hearing that voice from the bushes.

As they drive down Weird Valley Road the compass spins

 After they park in front of the country store a RATTLESNAKE crawls under the Hummer without them seeing it.
 Inside the store, they MEET THE LITTLE GIRL, JAIME, who walks up behind them and says, HAVE YOU SEEN MY LITTLE BROTHER?
 Charlie spins to her- recognizing that voice. They embrace her cuteness.
 Later the old lady, MARY, who runs the store calls April by her name.
 An old guy with a gun, TURNER, comes in looking for his nephew. Mary sends him off but he looks mean and unhappy.
 As April follows Jaime outside the store

A tire on the Hummer blows out
 As Charlie sets things out on the ground to change the tire, and as he begins the LITTLE BOY, TOBY, walks up behind him. “You got a flat, Mister?”
The rattlesnake crawls into a bag on the ground
 After everything is loaded back into the hummer, TOBY sneaks into the back, while UP THE STREET,
Jaime gets pinned against a wall by a German Shepard
April tries to save Jaime then Mary shoots the dog down
 An angry woman, STEPHANY, runs to Jaime and blasts April
 April somehow recognizes the woman and it makes her feel strange
 She tells Charlie a story about her mother and a serious crash with a TRAIN that killed her three brothers and hurt her sister.
 A storm blows up, a dust storm blocks the view on the road

The road suddenly ends into the face of a mountain
 They are trapped. Charlie begins to think it out.  This is not real.
 Then Toby sees the snake, and the snake sees Toby. He cries out.
 April and Charlie rescue Toby and kill the snake.
 They have to take him back to town, back down Weird Valley Road
 Back through the DUST STORM

The Hummer strikes a man down
 Charlie leaves April by the man while he goes to get help
 The young man’s body disappears leaving April alone on the road
 In town, as Charlie arrives, Turner accuses him of killing his nephew but Sheriff Good shows up looking for the truth

Turner shoots Sheriff Good down, aiming for Charlie
Charlie races away with them giving chase
Out on the highway, Jaime shows up beside April
Just as a Bear comes out of the woods and sniffs the air
Charlie drives up just in time and rescues them
 They speed away- being shot at now by the men giving chase
 The chase takes them off the road into the woods
 Charlie smashes the car chasing them
 They pick up Toby and now have both kids in the Hummer
 Dodging lightning bolts, falling trees, and sink holes they

Charlie drives into an abandoned train tunnel to hide
April screams for him to back out and he does just as a train flies out of the tunnel barely missing them
 Charlie tells April this has something to do with the kids, that some supernatural force wants them to take the kids with them rather than drop them off at home, but

Turner and his men are waiting and blow out their windshield
“I’m going to kill you, city boy!”
 They defend themselves with a gun that Toby has as he stole it from Mary at the Country Store, but the bullets run out
 Pressed, they go up the tunnel to a hiding place, a room carved out off to the side
 Turner show’s up to finish them off and

A train runs Turner down in front of them
 As they drive from the tunnel, the Hummer hits a sink hole and
The Hummer sinks into the ground out of sight
The bear shows up behind them and they run with the kids
 They are chased through the woods, each carrying a kid
 Charlie spots the highway and leads them out to it
 As they run up the highway,

April falls injuring her knee with the bear right behind them
She hands Jaime to Charlie and says,
“Save the kids.” Charlie smiles,“ I got this figured out”
He turns to the bear and says,
“We’re taking the children with us.”
The bear turns and walks away
They now stumble, limping out to Weird Valley Road to the main highway where the kids are taken away by a man claiming to be their grandpa. April recognizes him.

Outside, on the highway, their Hummer is being pulled from a ditch by a wrecker and nothing is wrong with it

Behind them, Weird Valley Road disappears

A highway patrol officer questions them, wondering if they were drunk as there is no Weird Valley Road

As they drive back to town, April tells Charlie she is pregnant with his child and now wants to keep it with no burden to him.

Deep inside, they both feel Jamie and Toby are their children

Charlie, moved by their experience and his love for April, asks her to marry him. She smiles.

The End

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