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The Green Eyed Marble is hilarious, Off The Deep End is a romantic comedy with a message,  and The File
is a feel good family drama. 
The Green Eyed Marble



THE GREEN EYED MARBLE (comedy) “A young masked man finds courage to conquer his extreme shyness and save his bug-phobic best friend from being tortured by a desperate sorceress after her lost crystal ball.”

      VALUE NOTE: lots of funny characters with great tee-shirt lines.


The Green Eyed Marble Synopsis
Off The Deep End



OFF THE DEEP END (Romantic Comedy) “As his business faces a take over, and feeling a little crazy, he finds his heart has been taken over as well by an artist at the beach who doesn’t want him.” (wga 1527874)


Off The Deep End Synopsis
The File



THE FILE (action/drama) “Not wishing to face his daughter with the truth, a dying millionaire seeks a delicate way to reunite her with her birth parents while dodging the murderous greed of his nephew.” (wga 892505)

               Note: a 2003 Monterey Film Festival 1st round finalist.

              VALUE LOG Family love- an Alfred Hitchcock drama with a feel good ending.


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